It’s important to put real thought into your shop fit and the style you choose speaks volumes about your brand. From influencing the likelihood of a sale to securing a return visit, there’s a lot riding on creating the best layout for your brand. (You can read more on the link between your shop fit and brand perception here.)

So, how do you choose a shop fit? Do you opt for minimalist displays or floor-to-ceiling shelves showcasing your entire product range? It all comes down to what you’re selling and where you’d like to position your brand. Start by answering these simple questions:

  • Where is your brand positioned in the market?
  • How many products do you want to display – a select few or choices from multiple brands?
  • Who is your customer? Where else do they like to shop?
  • How have your competitors designed their stores?

For value retailers and larger stores like supermarkets, you want to influence the route of your customers as much as possible to maximise upsell and cross-sell opportunities. For this style of shop, an easy-to-navigate aisle layout with shelves displaying a variety of choice is ideal (remember to place your most popular products at eye level.) Here, quality is certainly important in your shop fit, but it should also be highly practical and not distract your shoppers. They’re looking for convenience when they enter your store so think simple, hard-wearing shelving units – steer clear of patterns and bold colours.

When it comes to premium retail, less is more when it comes to product display; don’t put every product you stock on show. Instead, use a select few to create beautiful displays. Don’t opt for an aisle layout here; luxury is focused on wants rather than needs, so let people cast their eyes over everything in store and gravitate towards the product that grabs them the most. Display units, counters and cabinets enclosing the most exclusive items, all work well in a premium retail setting. Minimalism is certainly the way to go here – think plenty of space and white backdrops with a streamlined colour palette to create subtle contrasts.

At Retail Furniture, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing shop fitting solutions for a number of retailers, from bargain stores through to luxury boutiques. Whatever your needs, we can help you create the perfect shop fit, so get in touch today.