As we come to the end of 2021, we can’t help but look back over the past year and notice how much Retail Furniture’s social media presence has grown.

We have seen a significant increase in brand recognition across our social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It’s important to us that our company’s reputation presents a high standard at all times whether that be online, onsite or customer interaction.

We have gained a whopping 1132 new followers on our LinkedIn page within the past year, which is outstanding considering our monthly gain was only 16 per month back in 2020 and it’s now averaged at 145.

With the correct market research and advertising structure we aim to target hundreds more reputable companies within the following sectors: retail, health, rail, education, construction, leisure, finance and commercial in 2022.

It is important that we continue to assess key trends within these sectors to anticipate how the market may change throughout the year, this will help our company online strategy thrive.

We’re incredibly fortunate that we have jobs pending for January and February 2022, without the continuous support and trust from our customers we wouldn’t have been able to look into the next year.

However, this past year has changed people’s mind-sets which could still have a detrimental effect on incoming custom.

So, what’s worked for Retail Furniture in 2021?

  • Images of our team manufacturing in the factory
  • Videos of our machinery in action
  • Close up shots
  • Video walk arounds
  • Team introductions – who’s behind the “email”

By having a continuous presence on social media it has opened up new opportunities and discussions we may not have had before.

What’s new for 2022?

  • Retail Furniture Ltd as we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary
  • Support more charities through holding various fundraising activities
  • Exhibiting at Rolling Stock Network show – our first time exhibiting for the rail industry
  • Visiting sites and meeting new customers
Different ways to contact us

We’re looking forward to a bright 2022 at Retail Furniture Ltd! 

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Maddie Tipton