New Year – January 2021 – Upon Reflection

New Year’s Eve 2020 – the night you either went to bed to forget or stayed up to witness the clock strike midnight. For many worldwide it drew a line under what was an unprecedented year and whilst we have some clarity on the future the team at Retail Furniture couldn’t help but feel the uncertainty January may bring.

Then Boris Johnson announced the third UK national lockdown on January 4th. However, despite the potential strain on the horizon the company continue with a positive mindset for 2021.

Retail Furniture

The impact the that pandemic has had on businesses and the economy is astronomical and scary going into the New Year. Fortunately for us, the manufacturing industry remains fully operational so we can continue to provide our services for the Retail, Education, Health, Finance and Convenience sectors. Comparing month-on-month statistics we are measuring up to have the same volume of jobs in January to last year, securing orders up until April.

Since November 2020 we’ve invested within the realm of various digital media platforms.

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Without fail we’re working hard to achieve high results whilst also adhering to the new restriction rules.

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In conclusion, if we have learnt anything over the last year it’s that we should all unite together and help each other out when needed. After all we’re all partaking in this new crash course of a journey.

We hope you enjoyed our New Year – January 2021 – Upon Reflection blog.

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Maddie Tipton