We’re celebrating our 20th birthday in business. It’s been 5 years since the last “about me” with Andy Hall, our now Procurement Director.

We thought it was about time to catch up with those that have changed roles and mixed up their lifestyles!

Where are you now
“Well with this year being my 20th year with the company I have moved away from the Account manager role within the business and now deal directly with our suppliers to assure we have steady flow of materials which are delivered on time to complete our orders and are supplied at the right price.

I am also responsible for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which makes sure that the timber products coming into the company originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources, or reclaimed materials.”

What do you do in your spare time?
“Well my family is really important to me and with two young daughters I seem to spend the week as a Chauffeur to and from a number of sport clubs.
I do however get to play golf on Saturday mornings and still have time to play 5 aside football once a week”.

If you could give any advice to anybody who’s starting work at the age you did, what would it be?
Always remember the following…
“Early is On Time, On time is late, And late is Unacceptable!”

This or that:
1. Cars or Motorbikes
2. Films or Music
3. Talking pets or talking babies
4. Funny story or one-liner
5. Silly hats or silly socks
6. Loud neighbours or nosey neighbours
7. City or countryside
8. Letter or email
9. Watching sports or playing sports
10. Art museum or history museum

What’s your favourite childhood board game?
“Subbuteo (not a board game I know but never had the patience for Monopoly or Scrabble)”

What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame?
“Probably waste it and then go back to being normal!”

If you could tour with any band, which band would you choose?
“Guns & Roses I can just imagine the madness that went on in the late 80’s early 90’s”

Thanks for the catch up Andy – see you in the next 5 years!

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