Meet the team: Scott Sanders, CNC Programmer

We’re keen to let you meet the team, our talented individuals who make up our team, so each month we’ll be putting the spotlight on one of our employees here on the blog. In October, we got things started with our CAD Designer, Richard. This month, it’s Scott Sanders’ turn – our CNC Programmer & CAD Designer.

A technical and design whizz, Scott has been with us since March 2012 and is one of the highly skilled members of our design team. Scott’s role as CNC Programmer involves programming our machines with the data from our technical drawings while his design skills mean he is also involved in developing product concepts for our clients – an integral member of the team!

Outside of work, Scott has a few party tricks that may come as a surprise. Not only can he perform a perfect wheelie on a bike, he can also ride a unicycle! We just hope his talents aren’t so good he runs off to join the circus…

When he’s not riding his unicycle, Scott’s less strenuous pastimes include listening to music, watching films and spending time with his daughter.

Get to know Scott Sanders a little better with our quick-fire questions…

What 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?
“TV, internet and XBOX One.”

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
“Flying… it seems a better way to get around and you avoid the traffic!”

My favourite thing about working at Retail Furniture is…
“The new challenges we get to programme for the machines. It’s great to see the work complete.”

We hope you enjoyed our meeting a member of our team! Stay tuned for another employee profile next month!

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