We love manufacturing projects which include splashes of colour, allowing us to scour the many supplier handbooks to decide which is a suitable material match against customer designs.

The colour wheel is used by almost every manufacturing industry. The use of colours is intended to identify the product with the brand, increase product attractiveness, and evoke emotions or desirable customer behaviour.

Pantone® 2022 – What’s the new colour
When looking up the Pantone colour of 2022, it’s clear to see that Very Peri is very popular! It’s a comfortable, calming tone, that Pantone describes “Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness and Creativity” which reflects our work ethos here at Retail Furniture.

Which Sector POPS the most with colour?
We’re fortunate enough to manufacture furniture for the educational sector, working with a reputable company who provide us their detailed, colourful designs.

We enjoy seeing the designs come to life!

Different colour tones can divide a room, creating a space which is cool and calm vs a space which is fun and energetic.

Which is why coloured furniture can really provide an impact that unknowingly customers (depending on the sector) really need.

Convenience Counters
Sometimes Convenience counters can really surprise us…recently we manufactured a bright pink slushy machine counter as it followed the company branding.

Experimenting with different colour waves is something we don’t often get chance to do, but we love it when the opportunity arises.

At Retail Furniture we have own very own hand spraying workshop situated above our assembly area.

With our dedicated specialist, it’s important that we adhere to the customer’s colour guidelines at all times. Therefore, we need to know our materials and paints to give the best advice for a job.

Read all about our Hand Spraying department in more detail here.

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