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Retail Furniture are FSC® certified


Since 2014 Retail Furniture have been FSC certified. We’re committed to protecting the environment and by doing this we ensure that we follow the FSC guidelines.

As a company we recognise the importance of environmental considerations. As a team, it’s our dedicated mission to follow, in all areas of its activities, policies which support this.


What is FSC?
A Forest Stewardship Council tick tree trademark is an effective way to get public and consumer recognition of FSC and by default Retail Furniture responsible practices.

This gives FSC customers i.e. RF credibility with their business partners as well as financial institutions and watchdog organisations.

Research has shown that FSC certification can bring improved market access, higher revenues and enhanced public image.


Why is it important to feature the FSC logo?
Certification helps to protect FSC logo and the Retail Furniture’s brand and reputation and it allows access to highly environmentally sensitive markets.

Increasingly, governments, charities, financial institutions and retailers specify FSC certified products in their procurement programs.

FSC works to improve forest management worldwide, and through certification creates an incentive for forest owners and manages to follow best social and environmental practices.


Why we follow the Chain of Custody
FSC Chain of Custody certification tracks the FSC certified material through the production processes from managed forest all the way to end user allowing a “hand on heart” approach to the sustainable credentials of the products we produce, confident that they are genuinely FSC certified

To view our FSC Certificate – click here

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