Find Out More About Hand Spraying to Perfection

Perfecting the bodywork of a client’s product is crucial. It takes skilled operatives with an eye for flawless detail to complete the job professionally.

In our specialist spray workshop, we’re able to spray MDF and hardwoods in a sealed environment.

After spraying, our furniture is sealed with a lacquer top coat to ensure the colour and finish remains durable.

We took a visit to our paint shop to catch up with one of our specialist paint sprayers.

After working at Retail Furniture for 7 years, he reveals the key elements to consider when hand spraying to perfection.

  • There’s a preparation process to follow and stages of different coats to apply pre and post spraying – for example, Sealant, Primer, Top Coat, Lacquers etc
  • Attention to detail! Ensure the paint colour that you have mixed and measured is of the right consistency at all times, allowing for a smooth application and an unblemished finish
  • Get yourself familiar with how the HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure Air Caps) Spray Gun works. When using the gun, spray the paint 50% further away each time. Complete this process a few times to ensure 100% coverage
  • The overall job of Hand Spraying takes time due to the step-by-step processes. 1 item may take a couple of days to complete because of the MDF prep, the coats and paint application but also the high quantity turnaround

In conclusion, we asked “What do you enjoy most about the job”  – Being able to provide clients with high quality, finished products

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