Retail Furniture are one of the UK’s top leading manufacturers specialising in Panel Fabrication


Our highly skilled, in-house team have a wide range of knowledge and experience within Panel Fabrication solutions. We offer a quality service backed by years of experience using the latest technology, exceeding customer expectations and requirements.

Did you know we manufacture bespoke furniture and point of sale for an extensive variety of sectors, such as: 

Retail & Convenience Stores

Education, Libraries & School Furniture

Leisure, Sports Centres & Hospitality

Health, Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Surgery’s

Office Furniture Components


 Our planning team work with you to assess the needs of your brand and location. This consultation ensures we go on to deliver the best solution for using the most appropriate materials. From your first consultation to rough sketches our design team armed with both the creative flare and technical know-how begin producing 3D designs using state-of-the-art CAD Technology. We will consistently liaise with you through the process making sure you always receive regular updates and a chance to make alterations.

 Once the designs are approved the manufacturing begins. We champion the fact we do this all under one roof. This means from planning to assembly your original team are hands on throughout the process. Now we prepare only the best sourced materials that are processed through our machine shop on our
Homag Bargstad storage and handling system. This innovation allows us to minimise the turnaround time without reducing quality.


The materials are now processed through our CNC machines to ensure every individual piece of the core products are shaped and drilled. Here they pass
onto our edgebander and profile edge trimmers to apply your specified edging.

For our fully bespoke projects they are now passed onto our fully qualified joiners. From a single shelf to a whole shop floor this team have access to a
wide range of technology including our PU Shop which specialise in injection moulding creating both luxurious and versatile pieces.


All our hand sprayed furniture is now sealed and a top coat of lacquer is applied to prolong its working life. From here it is taken through stringent
quality checks to make sure that we supply you with a perfect finished product.


Retail Furniture use state of the art machinery from only the best brands to ensure every product is made to the best standards.

We are specialists in designing flexible, efficient solutions for the retail market and we constantly review our materials and manufacturing process to ensure we are continuously producing the best quality results.


Holzma HPP 300 with Bargstedt Storage System TLF211
Holzma HPP 350

CNC Machines

Homag CENTATEQ P-210
Homag CENTATEQ E-310
Homag Drillteq V-200
Homag Venture 107M
Homag BHX 050
Homag BMG 312 5 AXIS
Homag BHC Venture 1M

Edge Banding Machines

Homag EDGETEQ S-380
Homag EDGETEQ T-200

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