Meet the team: Heather Forster, Project Development Manager at Retail Furniture. 

We’re back with open arms to celebrate our new appointed Project Development Manager, Heather Forster who joined the team only 4 weeks ago. We took this opportunity to ask Heather some questions about her life – we thought we would share them with you!

Lets get straight to it!

Heather has over 20 years experience in sales and customer service roles both externally and internally including working with various sectors such as – Social Housing, Education, Commercial and Rail. 

With a love for quality customer service, customers have always been Heathers priority. Helping customers with a “can-do” attitude makes her happy!

Heather prides herself on being a “Go To” person and enjoys giving a helping hand to those that are in need. If she can’t – she sure does know somebody that can!

In regards to her work, Heather states “I love to work closely and collaboratively with other suppliers as well as customers which makes managing projects far easier when everyone’s on board and working towards the same goal which is ultimately delivering exceptional quality products on time and at cost effective prices”.

Upon reflection on the past 4 weeks Heather is thoroughly enjoying working at Retail Furniture. She’s excited to develop sectors especially within the Rail Sector and PU edging, which over the past few years has become a bit of a passion.

Joining Retail Furniture has been great and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far, I am excited to develop the sectors

Continue to read below to find out more about our team member, Heather Forster!

Heather enjoys spending her spare time with her 3  boys (partner, teenager and dog!) going off in their campervan “Steve” for a long weekend – nothing better than a gin and a good book around the campfire after an afternoon in the Kayak on a lake somewhere. She loves to cook and bake and owns an eclectic book collection – anything from Stephen King to Kirsty Hannah.

Now, it’s time for some quick fire round questions! 

If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play?
“Officer and a Gentleman and I’d be Paula….Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to be carried away by a young Richard Gere in “that” uniform”

You have your own late-night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest and what would you like to know about them?
“Sir David Attenborough and there would be no specific questions, I’d just let him tell his stories and anecdotes”

Which 5 people would you like at your dinner table?

  • Stephen Fry (for Great Conversation)
  • James Martin (hopefully he will make dessert)
  • Dawn French (for the laughs)
  • Harry Styles (He’s so pretty and hopefully he will give us a song after dinner)
  • Professor Brian Cox (brains and beauty)

Thank you for meeting our team member – Heather Forster!

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